It’s Graduation Szn

As we begin to start 2019, we have to reflect back on the previous year or even years to say the least and realize that it was all just a stage full of lessons but I think it’s time we make up in our mind that we need to graduate and use what was learned in the “real world”. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re bound to face something every day for the rest of our lives but it’s how we handle it that keeps us going strong. I’ve pieced together a short list to things to remember as we take on this new year and I hope these will help you too!

1. Going through a storm is necessary.
Each storm you go through opens up a necessary part of you that needs growth in some way, shape, or form. Growth is vital to life because we don’t want to stay stagnate with life, we don’t want continue living with the same mindset while trying to start a new chapter in our lives. It won’t work. Accept your storm as a lesson and begin to ponder on the idea of “what is this teaching me?” or “Is this the area of my life that I need growth in?” God does everything for a purpose, just allow it to happen and look forward to the reward that is to come.


2. Understanding Your Purpose
So often, we might find ourselves trying to discover our purpose on this earth when in reality, we need to let it find us. Think about it: how many times have you or someone you know has changed their major in college? Or have a degree in one thing but has a career in something completely unrelated to their degree? You’d probably question what it is you’re supposed to be doing but my simple answer is to just take time to learn yourself and let it reveal itself on its own as opposed to forcing yourself into something and trying to make it your purpose. We’re all put here for a reason, take time to discover what that reason is.

3. 10 minutes vs. 24 hours
Don’t let a bad 10 minutes constitute to a bad 24 hours. There’s no need to linger on it longer than what is needed. Had a bad customer? Accept that they probably had a bad 10 minutes themselves and don’t take it personal. Someone said something rude to you? Accept that it has already been done and move on. What does holding on to those words going to do you for your mind? Absolutely nothing. Accept and move forward… accept and move forward.

4. Let Them Go
Listen sis (and bro), if you have to force it, that ain’t for you. If your gut is telling you something about a person but your mind is trying to find the good in the situation, follow your gut and let them go. That’s God telling you that their season is up and something better is coming. This could be friends or relationships. Everything in your life should occur naturally and if you feel it isn’t there anymore, buh-bye. My pastor said once that you’ll be more tired when you get to the top if you’re still dragging those were meant to be dropped off awhile ago than if you just release them now. Take that advice and use it.

5. Pray and Mind Your Business
Remember when your parents used to tell you mind your business while trying to be all in “grown folks business”? It’s more important now than ever, I promise! You know what happens when you do that? Your mental wellness can begin flourish because you’re not worried about what everyone else is doing and trying to compare what they have going for them to what you have going for yourself. Instead, begin to pray more and talk to God. You know what happened when I began to pray and mind my business? My edges grew back stronger. I’m not joking, I have edges again because I minded my business. Trying to mind other peoples business can cause a small amount of stress and hinder your growth. It’s not worth it.

Well you’ve made it! Congratulations Class of 2018, it’s time to enter the real world and apply everything life has taught you in the past years and begin to flourish into the King and Queen you know you are destined to be. I pray that 2019 brings you an abundance of joy and happiness and you begin to build on the foundation that you have set over time. I pray you come to terms with patience and when the waiting is over, it’s everything you prayed for and more.
Cheers to 2019.

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