Be The Light In A World of Darkness

“We can’t take credit for our talents, it’s how we use them that counts”
– Misses Whatsit, A Wrinkle In Time

Side note: That is my favorite movie and is actually really powerful if you look beneath the surface.

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Most people in the world have hidden talents and don’t even know it or are just afraid to use it. However because of that, it goes to waste. In most cases, if we aren’t using our knowledge of something, we tend to lose the ability of doing it or become less interested it. We were all created for a purpose in this world, so why are we not acting on that purpose?

Short story: going into my junior year of high school, I was told by a few of my cheer mates that I should tryout for a captain/co-captain spot. Automatically, I shut it down. They, however, did not want that nor did my coaches because they also suggested I do it. Scared and nervous, I did it and actually gained a spot as one of the co-captains. I continously thought “Why? Why was I selected for that position?” I was quiet, kept to myself and would never think to be in a place of leadership. It wasn’t until I saw that some of the girls would come to me when they needed help and I took the time to help them out or that they appreciated when I actually practiced with them instead of just telling them what to do that it made sense as to why I was where I was.

Had I stayed in denial about the whole thing, I would’ve been one to complain about how captains aren’t practicing with us, like we did the previous year.
I was the change I wanted to see.

Use your talents to create that change you NEED to see in your community. Use that gift of talking to work with children or whatever age group you want to work with. Use your passion for cooking to cook a couple meals and feed the homeless around your city. There are so many things that could be changed in this world but it all starts with you.

I recently decided that I wanted to be more about what I’m speaking about on my blog and actually get out there with a wonderful mentoring program located here in Charlotte by the name of EmpowHERment. They hosted their annual youth summit and I volunteered as a group leader to a few high school girls. I’ve always said that I wanted to be looked at as a person who will be completely honest with young girl growing up if they ever had any questions and that’s what I did. My role was just a small start to where I want to go with my talents but being able to just talk to those young ladies really made my day.

I want to help as many young ladies as I possibly can because I know and have seen the impact that a little support can do for someones life. Imagine if we all shined our light into someone else’s darkness? Do you know how bright the world would be? All it takes is one light to start up the flame of greatness, don’t be afraid to be that light. Be the leader you longed to have or see around; step up and be great because your greatness gives permission to others to be great ( Hannah Hasan, poet). Allow the thought that YOU could be what the world needs to ignite your flame.

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