3 Ways to Understand Your Journey

A few weeks ago, I finally did one of things I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now: climb the mountains. Why did I want to do that? I really don’t know because I was out of breath 80% of the time and my body was sore for 3 days after. But going into it, I thought “wow, I’m really going to do this!” I also didn’t know about the journey was going to be that brutal. It was definitely not what I expected and wanted to give up numerous times but the end view was worth the climb. But one thing I noticed about myself throughout the entire journey, I kept trying to rush it and was wishing I was already at the top.

Now envision the mountain as your life. You want so bad to be at the finish line and see yourself there that you forget there’s a journey there that you have to endure. When I first started climbing that mountain, I had NO idea that it was going to be that challenging nor did I know it was going to take 3.5 hours to get to the top. I just knew that my goal was to make it to the top. Many times, I wanted to give up and actually wanted to settle for the view I had when I knew the view at the very top was going to be better. Why? Because I was tired, hot, and regretting that life decision.

Though I had those many thoughts racing through my head, I was able to really see what God was trying to tell me about my life and it was why I need to stop trying to rush things to happen.

  1. Understand that it’s God’s timing, not ours

The whole time going up, I kept asking “how much longer” or “are we close?” but no one had an answer because most of us had never taken that journey before. That’s how it is with life. We want to know how much longer we have until we reach the place that God has designed for us but God isn’t going to tell us “oh you have 2 more years until you become a millionaire” because then we’d become anxious for those 2 years to come. Instead, He just sits back and lets us take the journey in order to develop other skills that we won’t even notice we need until … we need it.

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Look at it this way, when you’re an entrepreneur while still working your normal 9-5, you want to know when your side hustle will become your full time job but sometimes we don’t realize that our 9-5 job is teaching us management skills, communication skills, or even better customer service skills that will be useful for your business when you least expect it. Just remain patient and let everything unfold on His timing.

2. Listen when God says “No, higher”

There were two occurrences that I stopped and actually was content with where I was for the simple fact … that I was tired. When everyone else in the group said “there’s more” I wanted to cry, literally. That’s how we are in life. We fight and climb and get to one point where the results are satisfying and unfortunately get comfortable with that level of success when God has so much more in store for us. We often fight back by saying “no, I’m good here” because we don’t want to have to endure another level of pain or stress in order to achieve what God has in store for us. But that’s the thing, God would never have us go through something if there wasn’t a higher level of purpose. When I got to what I thought was the top and found out it wasn’t, I would have rather turned around and miss the amazing view at the tippy top than deal with another hour of climbing.

When you’re comfortable, don’t rest in it. Challenge yourself to see what more you can handle because truth be told, you can handle a lot more than you might want to believe. You’re equipped for this and don’t ever let anyone around you make you feel like you aren’t. Your past does not compare to what your future is going to look like. My position on this is to always stay uncomfortable, at least then you’ll know you’re on your way to something greater.

3. Understand that nobody is rushing your life but YOU

I’m not ashamed to say that I was in the back of the pack by the time we all got to the top. We all started off as a group and as the trail went on, I saw myself slowing down from majority of the group and actually felt a little weird about it. The others that had went ahead didn’t care that there were some going at a slower pace because they understood that everyone wasn’t used to it. However, I found myself criticizing myself for not being able to move as fast as them and keep up.

img_6634That’s what we do in life. Trying to keep up with everyone so much that we beat ourselves up for not doing so. At the end, we all made it to the top no matter the pace. You’re going to make it to the top. Whether it takes 4 years or 6, if you have a little patience, you’ll make it there and everything you went through will have been worth it. The view at the top was amazing and I’d do it all over again just to see one of God’s creation (in like 6 months though because honey, I’m still a little traumatized).

 When it’s all finished and settled, you’ll truly appreciate the journey. You’ll actually be amazingly proud of yourself that you accomplished something so great and beautiful. All of that hard work and you can now rest knowing that you didn’t take any shortcuts and you trusted God to the finish, even when it sometimes didn’t make sense.

Alexa, play “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.



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