3 Ways to Understand Your Journey

A few weeks ago, I finally did one of things I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now: climb the mountains. Why did I want to do that? I really don’t know because I was out of breath 80% of the time and my body was sore for 3 days after. But going into it, I thought “wow, I’m really going to do this!” I also didn’t know about the journey was going to be that brutal. It was definitely not what I expected and wanted to give up numerous times but the end view was worth the climb. But one thing I noticed about myself throughout the entire journey, I kept trying to rush it and was wishing I was already at the top.

Now envision the mountain as your life. You want so bad to be at the finish line and see yourself there that you forget there’s a journey there that you have to endure. When I first started climbing that mountain, I had NO idea that it was going to be that challenging nor did I know it was going to take 3.5 hours to get to the top. I just knew that my goal was to make it to the top. Many times, I wanted to give up and actually wanted to settle for the view I had when I knew the view at the very top was going to be better. Why? Because I was tired, hot, and regretting that life decision.

Though I had those many thoughts racing through my head, I was able to really see what God was trying to tell me about my life and it was why I need to stop trying to rush things to happen.

  1. Understand that it’s God’s timing, not ours

The whole time going up, I kept asking “how much longer” or “are we close?” but no one had an answer because most of us had never taken that journey before. That’s how it is with life. We want to know how much longer we have until we reach the place that God has designed for us but God isn’t going to tell us “oh you have 2 more years until you become a millionaire” because then we’d become anxious for those 2 years to come. Instead, He just sits back and lets us take the journey in order to develop other skills that we won’t even notice we need until … we need it.

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Look at it this way, when you’re an entrepreneur while still working your normal 9-5, you want to know when your side hustle will become your full time job but sometimes we don’t realize that our 9-5 job is teaching us management skills, communication skills, or even better customer service skills that will be useful for your business when you least expect it. Just remain patient and let everything unfold on His timing.

2. Listen when God says “No, higher”

There were two occurrences that I stopped and actually was content with where I was for the simple fact … that I was tired. When everyone else in the group said “there’s more” I wanted to cry, literally. That’s how we are in life. We fight and climb and get to one point where the results are satisfying and unfortunately get comfortable with that level of success when God has so much more in store for us. We often fight back by saying “no, I’m good here” because we don’t want to have to endure another level of pain or stress in order to achieve what God has in store for us. But that’s the thing, God would never have us go through something if there wasn’t a higher level of purpose. When I got to what I thought was the top and found out it wasn’t, I would have rather turned around and miss the amazing view at the tippy top than deal with another hour of climbing.

When you’re comfortable, don’t rest in it. Challenge yourself to see what more you can handle because truth be told, you can handle a lot more than you might want to believe. You’re equipped for this and don’t ever let anyone around you make you feel like you aren’t. Your past does not compare to what your future is going to look like. My position on this is to always stay uncomfortable, at least then you’ll know you’re on your way to something greater.

3. Understand that nobody is rushing your life but YOU

I’m not ashamed to say that I was in the back of the pack by the time we all got to the top. We all started off as a group and as the trail went on, I saw myself slowing down from majority of the group and actually felt a little weird about it. The others that had went ahead didn’t care that there were some going at a slower pace because they understood that everyone wasn’t used to it. However, I found myself criticizing myself for not being able to move as fast as them and keep up.

img_6634That’s what we do in life. Trying to keep up with everyone so much that we beat ourselves up for not doing so. At the end, we all made it to the top no matter the pace. You’re going to make it to the top. Whether it takes 4 years or 6, if you have a little patience, you’ll make it there and everything you went through will have been worth it. The view at the top was amazing and I’d do it all over again just to see one of God’s creation (in like 6 months though because honey, I’m still a little traumatized).

 When it’s all finished and settled, you’ll truly appreciate the journey. You’ll actually be amazingly proud of yourself that you accomplished something so great and beautiful. All of that hard work and you can now rest knowing that you didn’t take any shortcuts and you trusted God to the finish, even when it sometimes didn’t make sense.

Alexa, play “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.



What’s Next?

 I did a thing.

In my previous post, I talked about my spiritual journey thus far. This post begins my spiritual journey moving forward.

I had been searching, long before I decided to fully make a comeback to the church actually, for a place that I would like and feel at home. Countless google searches, Instagram stalking and wondering led me to nothing. I knew what I wanted when it came to finding a church home but struggled so bad when trying to find it, which I thought was weird considering I live in a pretty big city.

The night I had my come to Jesus moment was the night I started my search again and was basically going to refresh my memory of one of the ones I was going to settle on. But this time, another church popped up and to my surprise, was exactly what I was looking for! Non-denomination like I wanted and a younger atmosphere; a place where I know everyone would be on the same path as I.
I stalked their Instagram and fell in love even more through videos and pictures. I couldn’t wait until the next Sunday to finally experience what it was like in person. My intuition was telling me that it was going to be a right fit.

From the moment I walked in, I knew I made the right choice. Everyone was welcoming and inviting and really warm hearted. The praise and worship team did an amazing job with setting the atmosphere and at one point, I felt all the emotions of why I returned to the church rush into me and man, was it an amazing feeling.

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When the Pastor got up to speak, he felt on his heart and began to manifest into everyone’s’ lives over so many things; things I in particular needed to hear. Even as he read through his sermon, I felt it was created just for me. It reminded how much I couldn’t do life by myself and how much I truly need a foundation.

Then it happened.

I rededicated my life and it felt so good. I felt free and happy and now I know I’ll forever have someone in my corner when the going gets tough. That’s the important part that I often forgot. I thought that because I was saved, my life would be rainbows and cotton candy all the time. No, it wouldn’t and I have to keep telling myself that so I won’t ever have to question my spirituality again. It just means that I forever have someone in my corner, forever knowing that everything happens for a reason and to not stress. That I will forever have someone to talk to when I’m feeling down and out.

So that’s where I’m at. Feeling secure about everything in life. And though things won’t go in my favor, I know it’s going to be for the best. Now I ask myself, what now?

Stay tuned.

Let’s Start Here

The start of my spiritual journey probably starts like how many of yours; growing up in the church and not having a choice of if you wanted to go or not. My father is the deacon and I have many other family members that had various titles in the church so me saying I wasn’t going to church because I didn’t want to would never happen. However, just because I was in the church, that didn’t necessarily mean I was receiving the message. I felt like I just went to say I went and to see my best friend and cousin. We sat in the back of church and passed notes the entire service. Sad, but its true. I didn’t understand anything and felt that it was customary to go on Sundays.

As I got older, our church got a new pastor that wanted to focus on the youth and get us excited for God. She made it her priority to reserve two rows for us to sit at in the front of the church so that we wouldn’t get distracted. She really just took the time out to help us understand the importance of having a relationship with God and that helped me a lot, but I still wasn’t all the way committed or “impressed”.

I moved away and began attending a different style church and found a newfound love for the church. Everyone was welcoming, I made friends that I still speak to til this day, and just really enjoyed the atmosphere. But again, notice I fell in love with the church, not God himself. I still struggled with a lot when it came to my spiritual journey but wasn’t quite ready to fully commit myself for whatever reason (I think it’s because I thought it wasn’t “cool”).

My faith was tested whole heartedly when it was time for me to go off to college my first year; it was expensive and I couldn’t afford it and unfortunately had to leave after one semester. I was heartbroken because that was my dream school and all I spoke about the months leading up to it. However, I started to just give all my problems to God and moved forward to just starting over and going somewhere else for the coming year.

Ran right into another road block.

I thought it was completely over for my hopes of going to college until I just began to pray and God showed out and blessed me in way I would have never thought. But after I got my blessings, I tried to stay on track but slipped away, for a long time. I’m talking 2 years slipped away. I don’t know what it was but I just didn’t feel compelled to work on my spiritual life. Everything was going well in my life and didn’t see the point in going out my way to focus on that.


But though I felt likeeverything was okay on the outside, I wasn’t on the inside. I was dealing with a lot mentally that I didn’t want to confront or face that it took a toll on me. Friends and close family noticed but didn’t say anything and I still wanted to paint the picture to everyone that I was still the “strong friend”. But the truth is you can only be the strong person for so long before you have a burnout, which is what I had.

I had never confronted my mental enemies until the start of 2018 and I took them on headstrong, but without my faith. I just used logic to try to figure out where my issues came from and understand it and get through it. I started leaning back towards spirituality and purchased a book by Sarah Jakes Roberts and wanted it to help empower me but not on a spiritual level. It was as if I was reading just to read and not to understand it.

It wasn’t until recently that something just sparked in my head that I need my relationship with God back because where I want to go mentally, spiritually and physically, I realized I can’t do it on my own. I needed a foundation and I’ve finally accepted the challenge to follow His path for me to follow. I realized I’m finally ready for it and I’m truly excited for this journey.

I have a new mindset about everything and just ready to see where I go when I rely fully on God. This new segment of The Sister Journal will consist of my ongoing spiritual journey and just explain how no one is perfect in their walk but want to just be a support shoulder for all of my sisters out there.

It’s All Good

Television shows nowadays often stray away from anything spiritual related because they don’t want controversy over the topics discussed, which I must admit is understandable because it could get messy in the long run. However, I came across a show that tells a whole message for anyone on their spiritual journey but they present it in the most subliminal way. While watching the show, you’d really have to have an open mind and think deeper to really understand the message it’s really trying to relay.
For starters, the show is called Manifest. Ironic? I think not. If you’ve followed my past couple of posts, you’ll know how much I love the power of manifesting and what it does for my life. And this show does just that and some. The characters have a feeling in their soul, they act accordingly, then it happens.
While that is the broad idea behind the show, again, there’s so much more to gain. On the first episode, the scripture Romans 8:28 (“and we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”) became a staple for the story line. It was only mentioned in that first episode but if you keep it in mind throughout the whole season, you’ll gain a visual representation of what that really means.
Let me break it down for you:
The passengers on the plane were presumed dead after their plane went missing for 5 years. One passenger specifically was a little boy with cancer who, before the incident, had only a few months left to live. Following the incident, he was granted a second chance at life and had a new purpose in life. He would get the feeling, or in other words, heard the voice of God, and was very obedient about what he needed to do and was able to help those around him. Everyone looked at him crazy but listened and guess what? Everything worked together for the good.
Listening to that feeling or urge you to get randomly is just God trying to guide your steps in order for you to fulfill the purpose that was set out for you. It is likely that you’ll question if it’s really His voice can be a little scary for those just beginning their spiritual walk because honey, I was freaked out the first time it happened to me but I’m glad I listened because it ended up helping the person God told me to speak to.
In the show, they thought they were going crazy the first time they heard the voices in their head or felt that strange feeling and they just pushed it aside. But the sensation was strong and heavy and wouldn’t leave them alone until they pursued their call. That’s how it is with us. A thought will pop in your head and you’ll be like “naaaaaah, this ain’t it” then five minutes later, boom. It comes back again, then again. You better listen to that nagging thought in your head. It’ll give you satisfaction.
There’s so much more I could say about this show but I’ll just whip it up into a list for you:
– Having faith in the journey can lead you a long way.
– God will place the vision within you but it’s up to you to be obedient and accept your call.
– You can try to avoid His voice all you want for as long as you want, but understand, when God has placed a purpose in your life, He’s going to see that you act on that purpose one way or another. Stalling on answering that purpose only hurts you.