Journal of Online Trust and Safety

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2022)
Published February 28, 2022
The Second Issue

The second issue of the Journal of Online Trust and Safety includes research on: the negative consequences of informing people about deepfakes; the results of a Discord initiative to provide extra moderators to LGBTQ+ communities during Pride Month; a study looking at the relationship between seeking child sexual abuse material online and contacting children; a paper that proposes a new method for measuring online harassment; a study that developed a framework for surfacing coordination on social media; a paper assessing how online service providers use content-oblivious techniques to make their platforms safer; a study from a social media platform evaluating a new framework to respond to bullying of users who share misinformation; and a paper analyzing QAnon images of children.

Peer-reviewed Articles

John Ternovski, Joshua Kalla, P. M. Aronow
The Negative Consequences of Informing Voters about Deepfakes: Evidence from Two Survey Experiments
Joseph Seering, Brianna Dym, Geoff Kaufman, Michael Bernstein
Pride and Professionalization in Volunteer Moderation: Lessons for Effective Platform-User Collaboration
Tegan Insoll, Anna Katariina Ovaska, Juha Nurmi, Mikko Aaltonen, Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen
Risk Factors for Child Sexual Abuse Material Users Contacting Children Online: Results of an Anonymous Multilingual Survey on the Dark Web
Autumn Slaughter, Elana Newman
New Frontiers: Moving Beyond Cyberbullying to Define Online Harassment
Thomas Magelinski, Lynnette Ng, Kathleen M. Carley
A Synchronized Action Framework for Detection of Coordination on Social Media
Riana Pfefferkorn
Content-Oblivious Trust and Safety Techniques: Results from a Survey of Online Service Providers
Timothy J. Foley, Melda Gurakar
Backlash or Bullying? Online Harassment, Social Sanction, and the Challenge of COVID-19 Misinformation
Cody Buntain, Monique Deal Barlow, Mia Bloom, Mila A. Johns
Paved with Bad Intentions: QAnon’s Save the Children Campaign
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