Vol. 1 No. 4 (2022): Trust and Safety Research Conference Proceedings
Trust and Safety Research Conference Proceedings

This issue of the Journal of Online Trust and Safety, which serves as conference proceedings for the Trust and Safety Research Conference, brings together new research, including: a paper interviewing older adults, finding older adults distrust the news they see, but continue to engage with it; a study of online civility on Nextdoor that prompted users to move their posts to smaller groups, finding that comments within those groups were less frequently reported than neighborhood-wide posts; a survey of parents’ perceptions of their children sharing sexually explicit imagery, with data on when parents are most likely to communicate with their children about this issue; a paper auditing Google's search results by gathering hundreds of thousands of news headline results, finding that headlines for video content contained disproportionate amounts of content delegitimizing the 2020 U.S. election; a review of how synthetic media is created, used and misused, and how it can be identified; and a paper assessing the characteristics of audiences who engage with different types of media about the Syria Civil Defence. The issue also includes three commentaries: a commentary from Zoom staff on practical lessons learned from building a trust and safety team; a commentary examining recent legislation and guidance in Europe on researcher access to platform data; and a commentary from Meta staff on how the company engaged with academics and civil society to develop COVID-19 misinformation policies.